Loon Lake and Wanderlust

Loon Lake and Wanderlust

We were recently took a trip to Loon Lake in Northern Washington and were completely spoiled with precious family time and a stay at a beautiful lake house. As much as it was fabulous for me, watching the boys have such an amazing time playing with their new friend Tyler, soaking up all the extra snuggles and love from their great aunt and great uncle and having dessert every night had me reminiscing about childhood and the best parts of summer. Walking down to the water in the morning, sunning on the dock, seeing our yellow lab Casey swim all afternoon and rolling in the sand were such simple pleasures. The boys hopped from one adventure to the next, kayaking and paddle boarding in the cool water of the lake, seemingly getting better and braver each day, swim trunks were the main attire for the entire trip, staying up way past their bedtimes, sneaking red licorice in the wee hours of the night when no one was looking. I loved listening to them whisper to each other at bedtime about their plans for the next day, catching frogs, laying pennies on the train track to collect later, the face of the coin neatly pressed looking like a smudged Picasso. All of these experiences were the making of great memories to come in their life time. 

The lake is nestled in the Spokane Valley surrounded by an assortment of fir, pine and cedar trees, the different green hues intertwining with one another, the water and trees have you feeling as if your were somewhere Nordic. We had the opportunity to share our time with other families. It was heartwarming to be with them, watching the generations of women interact, their history was rich and their love unconditional. Coming from such a small family I have always been mesmerized by large ones, the dance they do with one another, aunts, uncles, grandparents and children, the subtle looks, winks and smiles that fill up a day. They embraced my small tribe and made us feel entirely welcome. 

This vacation inspired me to schedule out another one and keep something on the horizon to look forward to. A long weekend beach trip, a house along a river, maybe another lake stay, I'm not sure yet. This past trip has also stirred in me a getaway where I haven't spent hours planning, a place where we harmonize and the flow of life is a bit more organic. The idiom "the devil is in the details" seems to apply to my day to day life, I love details, my job is all about details although sometimes delving in the details can get to be too much. I'm looking forward to upcoming trips with all my boys where the details are a side note and my focus is the moment. What a concept! Let's see how I do........